Peace, Freedom, Unity and Love are four words that describe Ukraine today and give Ukrainian people strength to keep going.

Inspired by the heroism and resilience of Ukrainians, Blackwood Craftsman Studio created 4 models of bags in blue and yellow colors, made of natural leather and wood, complemented by unique flower arrangements.

During this time, our patriotic collection "Unbreakable Country" has scattered all over the world, because Ukrainian women, who living abroad, like residents of other countries, express their support for Ukraine in this way.

If you want to support our country, you can order our symbolic blue-and-yellow bags. 

As part of the Save Ukraine charity initiative, we donate 7% of all sales to help Ukrainian Army and victims of the war.

Thank you for your support! 🇺🇦

SANDY (FREEDOM) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $491.00 To $583.00
  • From $545.00 To $650.00
AURORA (LOVE) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $428.00 To $520.00
  • From $475.00 To $580.00
FJORD (PEACE) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $428.00 To $520.00
  • From $475.00 To $580.00
BLIZZARD (UNITY) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $356.00 To $448.00
  • From $395.00 To $500.00