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Our story

Blackwood Craftsman Studio was founded in 2016 in Odessa by designer Yana Kirova and IT-businessman Andrew Boyko.

Yana is a creative personality. She is always full of energy and new ideas.

Being inspired by the art and trips around the world, she creates incredible designs, each detail of which is made by hands by a team of professionals in our studio.

Andriy is an innovative entrepreneur with a global thinking. He is responsible for organizational processes, an implementation of our ambitious goals, and promotion of Blackwood, so that the whole world knows about unique products we create in Ukraine.

Blackwood today

We have come a long way from a small room filled with leather, flowers and dreams to Craftsman Studio and worldwide recognition.

Today Blackwood is a brand that is chosen by fans of special things not only in Ukraine, but also in the USA, Europe and Arab countries.

We are best known for our unique bags of premium Italian leather and precious woods, decorated with flower compositions, covered with resin jewelry.

Customers call our bags “pieces of art that you can carry with you.” There are also wooden glasses, watches and leather wallets among our product range.

Our mission

We have combined natural materials and craftsmanship with an unusual design to make our customers feel special. After all, this is a Blackwood’s main mission.

Our production and team

All our products are created with love, inspiration and high attention to detail.
Each of them is unique, bright and proudly carries the label ‘made in Ukraine’.



Blackwood supports Ukraine

We donate 7% of all our sales to support Ukrainian army and help victims of the war in Ukraine.🇺🇦