Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing a bag from Blackwood Craftsman


The product you purchased is handmade of thoroughly selected natural materials. When creating our bags, we pay particularly close attention to the finer details. Blackwood bags are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months.

Care Instructions:

Blackwood products are made with great love and require special care.

To preserve its original qualities and the richness of the leather, it should be protected from heat and/or moisture. In order to conserve its coloring, avoid all prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources and do not expose it to materials painted in dark or bright colors. If your bag becomes wet, dab the leather with a soft, light tissue to absorb the liquid and dry it at room temperature, away from 8 heat sources. Avoid contact with water, oil, perfume, cosmetic products, aggressive and alcohol-containing liquids since the surface of the leather and wooden parts may be stained. The surface of the bag can be cleaned using special leather care products. Don't use household cleaners to care for the bag.

Storage Instructions:

Properly storing a bag is key to keeping it looking brand new.

It should be stored in the supplied protective dust bag cover.