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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing a bag from Blackwood Craftsman


The product you purchased is handmade of thoroughly selected natural materials. When creating our bags, we pay particularly close attention to the finer details. Blackwood bags are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months.

Blackwood products are made with great love and require special care.


Care instructions for glasses:

1. When you putting on or taking off glasses, always hold the temples with both hands.
2. Always store glasses in a protective case.
3. Do not place glasses with the lenses facing down on a hard surface as this may scratch the lenses.
4. Avoid significant mechanical stress, vibrations, impacts, contact with chemicals such as alcohol, gasoline, solvents, glue, cleaning agents, paint and other materials containing chemicals. This may render the product unusable.
5. Do not subject glasses to sudden temperature changes.
6. Use a microfiber cloth for daily lens cleaning. Do not use leather or suede to clean.
7. If there is a weakening of the joints or other malfunctions, contact an optical salon. Self-repair is not permitted.

Care instructions for bags and leather products:

1. Store the product in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
2. Do not allow moisture to come into contact with the product as it can damage its structure and soil the surface. If your product gets wet, gently wipe it dry with a soft cloth and leave it to air dry completely.
3. Avoid contact between the leather and different chemical substances, such as hair sprays, perfumes and cosmetics, as they can damage the surface of the bag.
4. Use a soft cloth or specialized care products for leather to clean the surface of the product. Do not use harsh brushes or abrasive cleaners, which can damage the surface of the leather.
5. To avoid corrosion, keep metal parts of the product, such as buckles and clasps, away from water or any other liquids.
6. If your product is damaged, scratched, soiled, etc., do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, contact our managers and use our repair services.