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Ethical and ecological production is one of Blackwood Craftsman Studio's fundamental values.

In our work, we adhere to the main principles of sustainable development:

  • Ecological production
  • Ethical conduct of business
  • Conscious consumption and extension of the life cycle of products

Eco-friendly production

High quality materials and efficient use of resources provide us with almost waste-free production and the absence of harmful emissions into the environment, which preserves our planet and health of our employees. 

Business and ethics

Profit is not the main thing!

Our company's business culture consists of a number of ethical principles that contribute to the stable development of our business and strengthen its social responsibility.

Transparency and honesty of business

We conduct business in accordance with state and international legal norms. By paying taxes to the budget, we demonstrate our respect for our country and its citizens.

Respect for the team and creation of comfortable working conditions

We create comfortable workplaces, train and promote a professional development of our employees, provide all necessary conditions for them in order they feel stability, enjoy work and earn a decent salary. We have created a respectful, supportive and friendly atmosphere in our team.

Ethics of relations with partners, competitors and clients

The reputation of the company is an essential component of success. We support a culture of business partnership based on trust, honesty, ability to keep the word.

Maintaining constructive relations with competitors, culture of communication and respect to clients are the basic principles of ethical conduct of our business.

Social responsibility and a civil position

We are developing our own project on the protection of the environment and natural resources of Ukraine. One of the first and most important stages will be planting trees and creating more green spaces in our country.

We are clearly aware of our civil position, we are responsible and sincerely concerned about the problems of the society in which we live and work.

Within the framework of a SAVE UKRAINE program, we send 7% of every sale to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to help people and animals affected by the war. We purchase essential items, food and military ammunition on a regular basis.


Conscious consumption

Blackwood does not aim at mass production.

We produce a small number of products, each of which is made by hands with great attention to details and passes a thorough quality control.

The long life cycle of our products is ensured by the use of modern technologies and high-quality materials.

All our products have a guarantee and a lifetime service for maintenance and restoration.

Each of us can do simple things to keep the environment clean.

Our main task with you is to make the most conscious decisions about purchases. Buy only what you really like and enjoy the quality of unique things.

Join the Blackwood family - together we can make this world a better place!