The Legend of Blackwood

Blackwood is a symbol of perfection that exists in nature


Many legends are associated with black wood. According to the ancient beliefs, it is surrounded by a mystical aura and is a source of a powerful energy. Those who had the chance to see it with their own eyes remember that they could not look away feeling delight and admiration. It is difficult to explain, but its chimeric texture with black as night color and a perfectly smooth, almost mirror surface, fascinates at first sight. 

Black wood is one of the most valuable and most expensive in the world. It is used for the production of high-quality musical instruments, the inlay of furniture and the creation of exclusive products. 

The Runic signs of Berkana "ᛒ" and Odahl "ᛟ" symbolize women's energy, family, traditions and spiritual kinship. They are the ones which became the personification of our brand´s image and formed the basis of the logo. 

In this harmony of combining the power of nature, magical energy and craft traditions, absolutely unique Blackwood products are born.