Blackwood Craftsman Studio uses only the highest quality natural materials. We follow a conscious consumption philosophy, so the quality and durability of products are our priorities. 

Wood is a symbol of life and is the basis of the Blackwood Craftsman Studio concept. Each tree species is absolutely unique and has its own deep character and incomparable pattern. Thanks to the wooden side elements, our bags always keep their shape. 


Leather has always been one of the noblest materials on the planet. We order it from the best Italian manufactories with a long history, whose owners preserve their traditions and pass them down from generation to generation. 


The author's flower compositions are not only a matter of beauty. Every flower we use has its magic properties and a special energy. Thanks to the jewelry resin the flowers are forever immortalized in the side elements of our bags.  

In such a tandem bags by Blackwood Craftsman Studio not only look like a piece of art, but also serve as a kind of talisman.


The weightless frames of our glasses are almost not felt on the face. We create it from carefully selected wood species. Coating with «Renaissance» professional water-repellent wax ensures moisture resistance and high durability of frames. 

The glasses are equipped with high-quality Korean and Japanese optics with polarization and maximum UV-400 protection. Your eyes will be superbly protected from UV rays that are harmful to the eyes.


The cases of watches are made of premium wood species and mineral glass. 

The heart of Blackwood watches is a quartz Japanese Miyota movement, which provides high accuracy and reliability. 

The straps are made of wood with a butterfly clasp, or of a genuine Italian leather.


The bags, glasses and watches are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.