Limited collection “Unbreakable country” was born during a difficult times for Ukraine and became a symbol of the unbreakable spirit of our people.

We was inspired by the beauty of our country: endless fields, lush forests, picturesque Carpathian Mountains and the majesty of the Black Sea.

Every process in Blackwood are made by Ukrainians. 
Each of us put our love, care, hopes and dreams in it.

Each model has its own message that everyone can see differently.

SANDY (FREEDOM) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $545.00 To $650.00
Aurora (Love) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $475.00 To $580.00
FJORD (PEACE) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $475.00 To $580.00
BLIZZARD (UNITY) - Blackwoodbags
  • From $395.00 To $480.00