Nature, Art and Love 


Mother Nature 

The energy of nature inspires us to create beauty. 

The tree symbolizes life and is the basis of the Blackwood concept. 

"There is no designer better than nature - simplicity and brevity are at its core." 

We discover the world through travel and we find inspiration in the picturesque corners of our planet. Beach landscapes, Scandinavian fjords, sunrises and thunder became the prototypes that we embodied in our collections. 

Using premium materials from different parts of the world, we add a piece of the Ukrainian soul, which unifies them into a whole composition. 



Every Blackwood product is a piece of art. 


Each accessory of the brand possesses feelings, passion, history and warmth of the artist's hands. 

"Our work is not production, but creation." 

An unusual combination of materials, ideas and craftsmanship gives birth to the timeless accessories that captivate and enchant. The value of our masterpieces is increasing over the years. 



Love pervades everything we do in Blackwood Craftsman Studio.  

All of us invest experience and talent in the work that we love wholeheartedly. 

"It's impossible not to feel it when you hold one of our masterpieces" 


That is why our customers so often choose Blackwood products to express their feelings to their loved ones. 

We are a team of young and talented Ukrainian craftsmen who have devoted their lives to serving beauty, perfection and striving to change the perception of Ukraine in the world.